I see some strange effects of global warming

I see that global warming has dried out the western U.S. and increased the fire season. But I see some strange local weather. The southern Colorado mountains have had above average rain and snow fall this year or so I see. We’ve still had some big fires even in those mountains.

I see big coal trains coming though Rollinsville again.

I see where the administration in Washington D.C. is pushing for more coal burning. I see where the last administration pushed for solar and wind to replace some coal burning. I saw the environment breath a little easier back then.

I see mountain folks developing low income housing

I see it happening in Vail, Gunnison, Aspen, Telluride and other mountain towns. I see how more and more mountain towns are watching their workforce priced out of town. I see lots of ways towns are trying to develop ways to build low income housing. I see especially licensing vacation rentals and putting that money into the affordable housing pot. I also see deed restrictions on the affordable housing developed so the next buyers are low income too.

I see interesting fall data on our casinos

I see a year on year trend in our casinos, one few preicted. Our casinos I see are employing more people than ever this fall. I see where the number of patrons who say they’re going “for a good time, but not necessarily to win money” keeps increasing. Is see where the super rich corporations and the super rich folks aren’t investing in casinos or anything much else these days.  I see the folks enjoying our casinos having a darn good time.

That’s What I See… What Do You See?

Written By: Forrest Whitman